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Deep Sea Detectives
Wednesdays 8PM SIN/HK

Deep Sea Detectives

Teams of deep-water detectives use today's cutting-edge technology to make a shipwreck "tell its story". Each hour-long episode investigates one underwater mystery, told through fascinating underwater footage, CGI graphics, expert interviews, archival materials and dramatic reenactments.

Get In The Water
Skeleton In The Sand: The Montana
Montana was a 'mountainboat' built to carry both passengers and freight into the Western Territories. But a trip along the Missouri River from St. Louis to Kansas City in June 1884 proved to be her last.
The Ghost Ship Of New England
On a weekend in 1898, a trio of tempests engulfed New England, and sank hundreds of ships. The disappearance of the passenger steamer SS Portland remains one of New England's worst maritime disasters.
Gold Rush Disaster: The Frolic
Our Deep Sea Detectives dive into a cove near Mendocino and find the wreckage of The Frolic, a clipper that smuggled opium into China during the 1840s. Who built and owned it?
The Hunt For Derbyshire
In September 1980, the British freighter Derbyshire vanished with 44 lives aboard. After 14 years, marine experts finally found her scattered on the bottom of the sea. What kill the crew?
The Lost Tanks Of D-Day
John Chatterton travels to Normandy to dive off the invasion beaches in search of sunken tanks. He battles harsh weather and severe currents and discovers two of the mysterious lost tanks of D-Day.
Graveyard Of Ships
In the waters of Apra Harbor, lie the wrecks of two ships from two different wars. Join John as he encounters the Tokai Maru, a liner turned carrier, and the SMS Cormoran, a German raider ship.
Secret Underwater Caves
Within the island of Cozumel in Mexico, there winds an underwater cave system. Since its first discovery, no one has been back to the site, leaving the details of this rich archeological treasure unknown.
Explosion At Sea
The luxury cruise ship, Queen of Nassau, exploded and gone in 8 minutes, not seen again until she's discovered in 2001. John Chatterton joins forces with national agencies to uncover what really happened.
U-Boats In The Gulf!
Dozens of Hitler's U-boats had penetrated the Gulf of Mexico, sinking merchant vessels and oil tankers. Of all the U-boats that attacked the Gulf, only one rests at the bottom of the sea--the U-166.
Mystery U-Boat Of World War I
How did two ships become entangled when the history books tell a different story? John dives into both wrecks, and meets up with historians who help him piece together clues left by these two WWI ghosts.