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Civil War Combat

Civil War Combat

A series that uniquely approaches combat in the Civil War. Using high-quality special effects and dedicated Civil War re-enactors, the true stories of brutal hand-to-hand fighting on the battlefields will be laced with fascinating personal accounts. From the high-ranking officers to the farm boys, each episode will explore the gritty case history of personal journeys in battle - from fear and danger to defeat and sacrifice.

19th Century Warfare
The Hornet's Nest At Shiloh
In 1862, General Grant advanced into Tennessee, aiming to capture its vital waterways. On April 6, Confederate forces under General Albert Johnston caught Union forces by surprise near Shiloh Church.
The Bloody Lane At Antietam
In September 1862, Robert E. Lee invaded the North and met the Union army along the banks of Maryland's Antietam Creek, which became the sight of the bloodiest single day in U.S. military history.
The Battle Of Fredericksburg
On December 13, 1862, Union General Ambrose Burnside mounted a massive, yet futile frontal assault on Robert E. Lee's Confederate troops outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia.
The Wheatfield At Gettysburg
In July 1863, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia engaged the Union Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg , also known as 'the Wheatfield', and suddenly became the focus of intense conflict.
The Tragedy At Cold Harbor
In 1864, General Grant pursued Lee's forces. On June 3, the two sides met at Cold Harbor, a crossroads near Richmond, where Grant hurled his men against entrenched breastworks, losing 7,000 in 20 minutes.
The Battle Of Franklin
In November 1864, Union General John M. Schofield's weary army retreated to a farm in Tennessee. Close behind was Confederate General John Bell Hood and his Army of Tennessee looking to finish them off.