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Chasing Mummies

Chasing Mummies

Join legendary archeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass in Chasing Mummies as he pursues one of the most challenging and exciting jobs in the world: discovering new archeological finds while managing 250 digs throughout Egypt. The cameras will be right there as he and his team unearth new treasures, ranging from incredibly preserved mummies to, perhaps, Cleopatra's tomb. This unique series shows archeology as never seen before: unfiltered and transparent, revealing and amusing, exasperating and dangerous. Viewers will see not only the whirlwind, international life led by Dr. Hawass but also the hardships and very real risks facing the teams and camera crews as they work in Egypt's scorching deserts and valleys.

The host supervises the restoration of the Step Pyramid, Egypt's oldest pyramid. He then meets the new members of his fellowship program.
The host goes to the five chambers high above the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid; the team documents the ancient graffiti on the chambers' walls; Leslie shares his findings in an interview.
Zahi must fly out to meet former First Lady Laura Bush in Dallas and speak about his recent discovery of Queen Sesheshet's Pyramid.
Zahi finally permits archaeologists from the Hellenic Institute to dive into the Mediterranean Sea and bring up an artefact that is a confirmed part of Cleopatra's historic shrine.
Zahi heads to Sheikh Sobey and discovers an amazing mummy inside a sarcophagus.
Zahi prepares to open two sealed tombs for the first time in thousands of years and reveals the completed renovation of an old monastery; Derek and Allan attend the 'Festival of Sacrifice'.
Leslie explores the mysterious caves below the Giza Plateau that are home to thousands of bats; Zahi agrees to make an appearance at a local wedding celebration.
Zahi wants to see if the long-forgotten Falcon galleries can be restored as a new tourist destination. They not only house thousands of mummified birds but also deadly snakes and scorpions.
Archaeological workers discover five intact burials, including that of a murdered mummy, in a tomb complex in Luxor.