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Breaking Mysterious

Breaking Mysterious

Radio host Jimmy Church (Fade to Black, Coast to Coast AM) and a dedicated group of truth-seekers are hitting the road and investigating the biggest mysteries, controversies, and conspiracies of our strange world including: A possible covert undersea UFO base hidden off the California Coast. Is it possible that a popular virtual smartphone game might actually be part of a CIA operation? Did the U.S. government create an army of mind-controlled assassins?

Plus a look into a possible plot to assassinate President John Kennedy just weeks before the tragic events in Dallas. A search for lost Confederate gold. A new Bigfoot hotspot where you least expect it. A new theory on time travel and missing nuclear weapons right here in America.

We seek disclosure, answers and the truth. We seek to understand The Unexplained.

The Watchers
The experts investigate how a popular virtual smartphone game might be a part of a CIA surveillance conspiracy, and track down the original NSA whistleblower who inspired Edward Snowden.
A mysterious email leads to what could be a huge underwater UFO base off the California coast; an investigation of new activity at Area 51 takes a dangerous turn.
Strange Earth
Experts try to uncover what could be the first recording of New Mexico's 'Taos Hum' and probe paranormal activity in Oklahoma.
The Unexplained hunts for the truth about a legendary 1980s arcade game linked to the CIA's mind control program, MK-Ultra and searches for a nuclear bomb lost off the coast of Georgia's Tybee Island.
A secret serviceman for President Kennedy sheds light on a plot to assassinate him on the streets of Chicago and a treasure hunter may have located Arizona's infamous Lost Dutchman Mine.
The Unexplained rides-along with the demon-hunting advance man for a breakaway order of Catholic exorcists and seeks out the origins of powerful hacker group known as ANONYMOUS.