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Boneyard is a new series that presents a fascinating visual journey as we follow some of our greatest achievements to their after-lives and final resting places, from B-52 Bombers, massive aircraft carriers, cars and even remnants of the Twin Towers.

Whether it's a huge Abrams tank being completely rebuilt or a piece of artillery saved from the scrap-yard, they will all be transformed to face new incarnations - at the Boneyard.
Entrepreneurs have found innovative uses for every component of the railroads. Though most of these will be ripped and torn apart for scrapping, some will be grandly restored to live on in other roles.
While criminals end up in human Boneyards, the tools of crime end up in a variety of other Boneyards. Some became tools to fight crime while others transformed to something good from the ruins of evil.
When a ship reaches the end of its useful life, it quickly goes from being the pride of the fleet to a liability. These veteran warriors are blown to pieces in weapons tests, or sold and cut up for scrap.
The boneyard awaits aircrafts once their flying days are over. Some will be destroyed, some will be given new life and new missions while others painstakingly restored to their former glory.
Every year, millions of cars come to the end of the road. Though some may be retired and treasured as priceless engineering marvels, most are shredded into scrap to be transformed into new products.
Bio Waste
Today, sewage is processed in mechanical boneyards. Agricultural wastes are reharvested for biofuels and building materials while animal and vegetable fats are refined into biodiesel for cars and trucks.
Modern ore processing machines are the largest, most sophisticated of their type in the world. When they wear out, they join the boneyards, waiting to be restored or scrapped for the furnace.
Buildings are machines for people to live in but when they become obsolete and abandoned, they become boneyards. With few exceptions, they and their internal components will be recycled and repurposed.
Oil Rigs
Oil rigs function in some of the most hostile environments on the planet. At the end of their useful lives, the job of removing them to a boneyard to be scrapped is a challenging and expensive one.