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The Bible Rules

The Bible Rules

The Bible may have 10 Commandments, but in fact, there are more than 700 rules. They govern all manner of behaviors - food, sex, work, punishment. More importantly, these rules provide a secret window into seeing how the ancient world worked, from the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Roman Legions.

Each episode of The Bible Rules lists several rules within the fascinating context of the ancient world. So, if the rule is "Always open your doors to strangers," we uncover how being able to stay at a stranger's home was absolutely crucial to ancient travel 2,000 years before Holiday Inn.

If the rule is "Don't eat pigs," we find out that trichinosis may have been rampant in ancient Mesopotamia. It's weird rules, revealing rules, curiosity inducing rules - but always rules that make us understand history, and presented in an informative, surprising, and reaffirming way.

The Curse
The Bible Rules warn people about cursing their parents, breaking their promises or even wearing blended fabrics. It's a launch pad for an investigation into the mindset of people who walked the earth.
By deconstructing the rules about war, this episode uncovers an entire bloody landscape of conquest and retribution. Be amazed at what a simple command reveals about the way nations made war and peace.
Ancient Vice
Wine and spirits played a different role in the ancient world than they do today. In this episode, the rules lead us to a sea of information on the importance of wine and the dangers of debauchery.
Ancient Slavery
Slavery was a fact of life in the ancient world, some slaves could be freed after six years while others actually seem to have preferred the yoke. We go back to a world where freedom looked very different.