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This fascinating series examines the history of military tactics, from blitzkrieg to blockade, raiding operations to strategic bombing and on to guerrilla warfare. The intellectual analysis to be found within BATTLEPLAN will fascinate viewers of all ages and all military knowledge levels.

Successfully employed in Hitler's invasion of Europe in 1939-40, the Lightning War is a tactic of storming the enemy in quick but intense attacks.
Assault From The Air
With the invention of the aircraft, parachutes and helicopters, military planners are now able to conduct 'vertical envelopments'.
A large-scale yet patient approach, blockades are designed to destroy a countrys ability to wage war by cutting them off from the outside world.
Assault From The Sea
With seas and oceans covering 2/3 of the Earth's surface, naval superiority is one way major superpowers can deploy their strength.
From sudden inspirational actions to seize an opportunity or a carefully planned reaction, counter attacks are critical in most conflicts.
Pre–emptive Strike
It is any commander's dream to catch the enemy unawares and defeat them swiftly, particularly useful when the enemy is superior.
As depicted by Homer in the 10-year siege of Troy, this tactic of attrition can be frustrating to both sides, with victory often down to a stroke of genius.
The ability to establish control of the sea and to restrict the enemy's movements and supplies have been a key strategy for thousands of years.
Control Of The Air
By the end of World War I, the rapid growth of air combat has led some military strategists to use planes to win wars in its own right.
Defensive Battle
It is sometimes advantageous to allow the enemy to come to you and exhaust himself before a counter-attack is then mounted.
Guerilla Warfare
When facing numerically or technologically superior opponent, one has to adapt to irregular tactics to defeat conventional forces.
Urban Warfare
A soldier's worst nightmare, the threat of ambush or booby traps in these house to house fighting can lead to huge casualties.