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Battlefield continues as the vanguard of World War II documentary programming with its rare color footage, explanations of weapons and tactics, insightful analysis of the underpinning political and military situation and portraits of leaders and commanders. Two new episodes, Prelude To Pearl Harbor and The Battle Of El-Alamein, deliver all the accustomed spoils of this groundbreaking series.

Prelude To Pearl Harbor
On the morning of 7 December 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, killing 2000 US servicemen and sinking 19 ships.
The Fall Of Singapore
Labelled by Churchill as the worst capitulation in the Empire's history, Japan's lightning conquest of Malaya and Singapore is stunning.
The Battle Of El-Alamein
Churchill described the battle thus, 'Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat'.
The Battle For Kurland
With its rail link cut, the Stalingrad appeared to be at Hitler's mercy. But if the Russians could hold out, the tide of the war may turn.
The West Wall
The Siegfried Line consists of fortifications three-mile deep that defended Germany's border, a major obstacle that would confront the Allies.
The Battle At Falaise
Surrounded on three sides by Allied troops, the German army at the Falaise Gap risked getting completely wiped out in August 1944.
The Disaster At Arnhem
The plan for paratroopers to secure strategic points behind German lines proved a catastrophic disaster for the Allied Forces.
The Destruction Of The Luftwaffe
The cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Darmstadt and Dresden are firebombed as the Allies close in on Nazi Germany.
Awakening The Bear
The same day Nagasaki was bombed, Stalin launched a huge invasion against Manchuria with 1.5 million Soviet troops.
Russia's War Against Japan
Despite Japan's surrender, Japanese soldiers in Manchuria fanatically resist Soviet invasion, resulting in huge losses.