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The Battle History Of The Us Navy

The Battle History Of The Us Navy

Flanked by two oceans, America's fortunes would rise and fall on the exploits of a strong navy, which suffered disasters, but stood undefeated at the end of the 20th century. This is a rip-roaring look at history's mightiest navy.

Masters of the Sea
Born Into War
We see the Continental Navy battle in the Revolutionary War, and later the fledgling U.S. Navy takes on England again in the War of 1812. And the Navy arrives just in time for the Spanish-American War.
Fire And Water
By the time America enters World War I, the Navy boasts a powerful line of battleships. When the Treaty for the Limitation of Naval Armaments is signed, the Navy reluctantly scraps many ships.
Steel Walls Of Freedom
During the Korean War, the Navy leads MacArthur's amphibious landing at Inchon, and assists Marines cut off by the Chinese counteroffensive.
Second To None
Small armored boats patrol Vietnam's rivers, while World War II-era battleships pound enemy positions. When the Vietnam War ends, the U.S. and Soviet Navies engage themselves in an arms race.