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Battle History Of The United States Army

Battle History Of The United States Army

Explore a different challenge that the Army has had to face in its evolution from conscripted soldiers to military superpower.

As always, the fullest cooperation of the armed services has been guaranteed, including complete access to Army archives, base facilities, equipment, historians and high officers.

Of all the armed services, the Army maintains the oldest and most extensive battle archive.

Soldiers Across The Sea
At the beginning of World War II, we see how the U.S. Army turned the tide in Europe and the Pacific against both Germany and Japan, and how the Army fought for its life against a surprise attack in Korea.
The Citizen Soldier
Take a look at the U.S. Army from the Minute Men who confronted the Redcoats at Concord in 1775, and the War of 1812. Also, learn of America's tradition of using citizen soldiers to respond to crises.
In Wars Undeclared
After the costly and bitter stalemates in Korea and Vietnam, the Army makes a dizzying transition to a new kind of outfit built on the twin towers of capability and courage.