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Battle 360

Battle 360

She was the mother of all aircraft carriers in WWII - the Enterprise. Battle 360 documents the heroic efforts of the men who crewed her through every major sea battle in the Pacific Theatre, with each battle was marked by intense firepower, instinct, and a 360-coordination between the carrier, the destroyers, the aircraft above, and the submarines below.

Call To Duty
During the early weeks of WWII, as America suffers one defeat after another, USS Enterprise is one of the successes as she sinks enemy submarines and hits the Japanese Navy in the Marshall Islands.
Vengeance At Midway
In just a few violent days in the waters off Midway Island, USS Enterprise fleet pulverizes the Imperial Japanese Navy. Enterprise helps secure one of America's first victories in World War II.
Jaws Of The Enemy
In 1942, the American Navy is on the offensive and the first strike is in the Solomon Islands. USS Enterprise backs the first American invasion of World War II as U.S. Marines storm ashore at Guadalcanal.
Bloody Santa Cruz
In one terrible day of vicious combat, Enterprise loses USS Hornet and suffers dozens of casualties as bombs nail her flight deck. For the U.S. Navy at Santa Cruz, survival becomes the ultimate battle.
Enterprise vs. Japan
November 1942. When the Imperial Navy tries to retake Guadalcanal, it's USS Enterprise that sends their transports and destroyers to a watery grave in Iron Bottom Sound.
The Grey Ghost
USS Enterprise is the first ship to receive the Presidential Unit Citation, the highest award any American vessel can achieve. Watch as she is refitted with new technology and returns to taunt the enemy.
Hammer Of Hell
In 1944 the Japanese makes a desperate stand in the Marshall Islands. And from the Marshalls, USS Enterprise sets sail for New Guinea and supports the invasion of Hollandia during Operation Persecution.
D-Day In The Pacific
USS Enterprise and her sister carriers nearly wipe out Japanese Naval Airpower in the 'Great Marianas Turkey Shoot' and devastate enemy surface forces. It is one of the greatest carrier battles of the war.
Battle Of Leyte Gulf
With the enemy fleet in chaos, USS Enterprise and the American carrier force clear the way for an American invasion of the Philippines and set the course for the road to Tokyo.
The Empire's Last Stand
As the US Navy surrounds Okinawa and the Japanese homeland, the Empire unleashes the Kamikaze. USS Enterprise now faces the horror of deadly suicide attackers as the allies secure victory in the Pacific.