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Ancient Discoveries

Ancient Discoveries

Each episode will explore ancient inventions and engineering that were previously believed to have been created only in modern times. Experts and archaeological digs continue to reveal new evidence into these inventions, which will be reconstructed.

Twisted Weapons Of The East
Uncover never before seen weapons like steel projectiles that can sever the limbs of any enemies and booby trap which impales its victims as they sleep in India and also Chinese arrows made of paper.
Guns n' Ammo
Check out some of the strangest weapons ever built, including modified bamboo tubes, ancient tracer fire and a medieval machine gun.
Ancient Commandos
Outnumbered 50 to 1, a tiny nation defies invaders using deception and a bunch of farm animals. Then, the Bayeux Tapestry reveals a secret clue to the 1066 Norman invasion.
Ancient Record Breakers
Amazingly some of the world records that still stand today were set in the ancient world. What was the fastest thing in the ancient world and is it still the fastest man-made machine today?
Mega Ocean Conquest
From conquering the depths of the oceans to defending the freedoms of the seas ancient man pushed the technological boundaries to the limits in the mega battle for the oceans.
Rituals Of Death
From booby-trap crossbows to ghost soldiers, the site of the terracotta army in China reveal insights into the mind-state of the first emperor of China and his people and what they believed about death.
Secret Science Of The Occult
Weapons experts reveal the science that saved a holy military order from certain annihilation in the bloodiest siege in history. And in Greece, archaeologists solve the mystery of the oracle of the dead.
Death Weapons Of The East
Learn about a deadly Chinese underwater attack weapon, investigate the ability of eastern warriors to withstand pain such as smashing concrete on human heads and finally examine ancient Chinese crossbows.
Ancient Torture Tech
Investigations revealed that the rack actually ripped bone apart, not joints as was previously thought. Hundreds of people were burnt at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition. But what actually killed them?
Lost Science Of The Bible
Might the stories of the Bible have their basis in scientific fact? How big was the giant Goliath and what was the tech of the sling that brought him down? Watch as archaeologists try to test the theories.
Ancient Tank Tech
Could the ancients have really discovered the secrets of chemical fire-proofing? And anti elephant rockets - how did the rockets end the elephants' 2000-year domination of the battlefield.
Impossible Army Machines
How did the Chinese develop a catapult with a firing rate of 10 rounds per second? And, did the living horse battlefield torpedoes of the middle ages battlefield actually work?
Impossible Naval Engineering
From Alexander the Great's massive causeway to Nero's attempt to drown his mother, marvel at their ingenuity. Also investigated are the oxen powered warship and the Assyrian white water rafting.
Ancient Mining Machines
We have built a wall and will dig a tunnel and bring it down the ancient way. Castle defenders invented listening devices to warn them of miners digging under their walls - how did these work?
Ancient Mega-Fort
From the castle that helped build Great Britain, the secret underground defensive systems of Cappadocia, to the ancient Mayan killer bee castle defences, examine the most impregnable fortresses in history.
Airborne Assault
From kite bombs that rained over cities to bouncing bombs that skipped across water, from whistling arrows to the earliest rocket-powered explosive missile, learn the secrets of ancient airborne weapons.
Ancient Secret Agents
Learn how ancient spies sent secret messages using invisible ink made of sperm and how they wrote on the inside of a raw egg. Also learn how Japan's assassins used explosives on top of darts and poisons.
Ancient Special Forces
Watch the ancient Roman navy SEAL technique of capturing enemy ships from underwater, meet a wardog unit that may have been used on the battlefields of antiquity and learn the secrets of the samurai sword.
Riots And Revolution
Discover a secret manual that allowed the Vietnamese to repel the Mongols the same way they did to the USA 700 years later and learn how booby-traps and letter bombs were invented hundreds of years ago.
Gruesome Medicine
From cutting open the skull to relieve pressure on the brain to testing electric therapy on live patients, this is not for the faint-hearted!
Ancient New York
New York's towering skyline and world-leading technology have made it the ultimate city, yet breathtaking discoveries reveal that the blueprints for this megametropolis were laid thousands of years ago.
Ancient Chinese Super Ships
Uncover the extraordinary ingenuity of the ancient engineers whose innovations would take shipbuilding to new heights and create some of the largest and most fearsome navies of the ancient world.
Ancient Super Navies
Using scientific techniques to solve the greatest mysteries of the ancient world's naval technology, our experts are investigating legends of lethal explosive grenades and highly toxic biological warfare.
Ancient Super Ballistics
Using state of the art forensic techniques and the world's leading firearms experts, this groundbreaking show reveals the accuracy, power and range of ancient bullets, rockets and bombs.
Ancient Death Machines
From apocalyptic skyscraper siege machines to ancient landmines and flamethrowers, most of today's lethal weapons owe their origins to the inventors of the ancient world.
Mega-Structures Of The Deep
Our modern day landscapes are littered with the remains of ancient superstructures. Now, archaeology reveals that this century's most exciting discoveries actually lie at the bottom of the ocean.
Machines Of The East
If the ancient Greeks had amazing engineers like Heron, the Islamic world would also have their experts in engineering and ancient technology. The champion of the ancient Islamic world would be Al-Jazari.
Machines III
This episode unveils the remarkable story of how China created a myriad of ingenious devices including cosmic machines able to collect data on the stars, hydraulic hammers and even paper.
Egyptian Warfare
The monuments and great works of art of Egypt still astound us today. Yet we will reveal another surprising aspect of Egyptian life - their weapons of war, and their great might on the battlefield.
Cars And Planes
It is well known that ships had become sophisticated throughout the Classical world, but how successfully did ancient peoples travel overland, or move their building materials and goods?
Siege Of Troy
The Siege of Troy has always remained steeped in mystery. Who was Helen - the mysterious face said to have launched a thousand ships and how was the vast wooden ship of Troy constructed?
Mega Machines
One of the largest structures of the ancient world was the `Pharos of Alexandria' - the first lighthouse. Built in the 3rd century BC, it was estimated to be 560 meters high - an ancient skyscraper.
Machines Of The Gods
At Olympia in Greece in the 5th century, a huge statue of Zeus stood in its temple. Reaching an incredible height of 14 metres, it would later be labelled as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
One of the most amazing examples of an ancient ship is the one discovered in a burial pit next to the tomb of King Khufu. It was buried in 2551 BC to help the Pharaoh on his 'journey' into the afterlife.