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The American Revolution

The American Revolution

From the roots of the Revolution to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, victory on the battlefield at Yorktown and the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, the story of this pivotal era in history will unfold through sweeping cinematic recreations; intimate biographical investigation; provocative political, military and economic commentary and evocative original music. Add to this mixture a new technique: innovative, 3-D computer graphics that will bring to life times and places where the revolutionary tide turned. Taken together, the entire 13-hour series will explore the breadth and depth of this essential period in American history; each individual hour will also be crafted to stand on its own as a compelling historic adventure. A single, signature event - a battle, a debate, or a personal interaction between key characters - will open each hour. The show will then expand outward from this incident as characters and themes in the opening set the stage for the entire episode, the people, the ideas and the events to follow.

Boston, Bloody Boston
This episode dramatizes the controversies and conflicts leading to war--the Stamp Act riots, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and Battles of Lexington and Concord.
Rebellion To Revolution
When the Continental Army surrounds British troops that occupy Boston, Britain sends additional troops and its three best generals to take over command in the insurgent colonies.
Declaring Independence
1776: Noble ideas and dreams of independence ring out as America is born. However, devastating struggles will quickly challenge these hopes and leave few believing that the glorious cause will survive.
American Crisis
The newly proclaimed nation stares at the stark realization that it could soon be dead. General George Washington gambles on a brilliant yet dangerously daring stroke to save his army and America.
Path To World War
Benjamin Franklin seduces the French to join the fight against their common enemy, England. British General William Howe delivers a crushing blow to Washington's troops, taking Philadelphia as his prize.
Forging An Army
George Washington's losses are adding up and some in Congress begin to question his leadership. Washington's main concern, however, is sustaining and rebuilding his ragged, starving and dwindling army.
Treason & Betrayal
Heroic General Benedict Arnold turns his back on his cause and country in an act of pride, sealing his legacy as a traitor. George Washington takes his war to the frontier and leaves a wake of devastation.
The War Heads South
Failing to defeat the tenacious George Washington, the British turn their attention southward. In a last ditch effort, they surround and lay siege to Charleston, the third largest city in the colonies.
A Hornet's Nest
After the fall of Charleston, the war explodes into the Carolina backcountry, touching off a brutal civil war, and Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton's dragoons spread terror throughout the region.
The End Game
Washington faces two mutinies in the Continental Army. Congress is broke and the army desperately needs more help from the French who are tired of supporting the war.
Becoming A Nation
The news of the American victory at Yorktown spreads like wildfire. But the new nation is broke and confused, as Washington resigns his commission and Congress disbands the standing Continental army.
Road To The Presidency
As George Washington rides to his inauguration as the first President of the United States, he looks back on the war and its most critical moments, and looks to its meaning for the future.
A President And His Revolution
George Washington completes his eight-day trip from his home at Mount Vernon, Virginia to New York City and his inauguration as the first president of the new United States of America.