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American Eats

American Eats

American Eats is a celebration of the foods we love – and the remarkable stories behind them. Each light-hearted weekly episode tells the story of the brilliant ideas, offbeat inventions, and daring innovators who transformed the way we eat while helping to define American culture. Along the way, viewers will discover why it took much more than a tasty recipe for pizza to go from Italy to pizza-parlor delivery trucks everywhere. We learn how a backyard concoction went from pharmacy soda fountains to become a staple of American life … and how a chef’s hurt feelings led to the ever-popular potato chip!

American Eats
Cereal: History In A Bowl
Cereal is arguably the breakfast king in history. Unfold the rivalries and tricks that turned cereal into a breakfast sensation. And examine the amazing feats of marketing used to promote the product.
Salty Snacks
A snack is defined as a meal or food eaten hurriedly or casually, which might include anything from a candy bar to a hamburger. Whether it's chips or popcorn, Americans love their snacks mainly salty ones.
In 1930, America made its mark in the cookie world with invention of the chocolate chip cookie. Along with the peanut butter cookie and the fortune cookie, the chocolate chip cookie is uniquely American.
Three out of four of US households own a barbecue grill. Between grills, charcoal, smokers, sauce and spices, it's a multi-billion dollar industry. There's no denying that barbecue is truly cook American.
Condiments are the versatile and delicious accompaniments that spice up the flavor of our foods. Used throughout history, they have helped mask the blandest or the most rancid food to make them palatable.
Canned Food
Canned food has been in pantries for more than 200 years. Once famed for its freshness, it was no longer considered so. Now researchers are offering the self-heating can and re-closeable can among others.
Holiday Food
Nothing quite announces the holiday season like food. New trends in holiday feasting are always a hit, from a deep fried turkey born out of Louisiana to the ever-humorous and delicious turducken.