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America Unearthed

America Unearthed

AMERICA UNEARTHED is a new, talent-driven archeaology series for H2. America is the surprising burial ground for a web of archeaological secrets. Across the country, ancient symbols, religious relics, and unexplained artifacts suggest that civilizations from around the world have left their mark, revealing the larger premise that the history we all know may not always be the whole story. The series will be driven by the journey of Scott Wolter. He pioneered the science of Forensic Petrography and will essentially perform autopsies on concrete, soil, and rocks to uncover the truth about mysterious events in the past. Topics connect everything from the Knights Templar to the Vikings. He is a real-life Indiana Jones, gradually revealing a hidden side to the American map.

American Mayan Secrets
12/21/12 marks the end of the Mayan long count calendar. Geologist Scott Wolter is on a quest to determine whether the key to understanding this civilization, its calendar, its prophecies and its disappearance.
Medieval Desert Mystery
Scott Wolter investigates a burial site in the mountains of Arizona, only to discover it may belong to a medieval Englishman.
Great Lakes Copper Heist
Scott Wolter investigates the mysterious disappearance of vast amounts of copper from Lake Superior. Through scientific testing, a connection is made to a pre-historic civilization and the Bronze Age.
Giants In Minnesota
Geologist Scott Wolter visits a Minnesota farmer who wants to investigate the possible existence of bones from a giant he unearthed in his yard.
A Deadly Sacrifice
A man shows up at Scott Wolter's lab with a 500-pound discovery. In the flatbed of his truck is a large boulder he pulled from the Arkansas River, inscribed with a mysterious bull symbol.
Stonehenge In America
At America's Stonehenge, he uncovers many clues, including a sacrificial table and a mysterious message carved on a stone in ancient script that helps advance this provocative theory.
Mystery Of Roanoke
Forensic geologist Scott Wolter discovers a series of 48 stone clues that have been largely ignored and considered frauds, but may in fact hold the answer to America's oldest cold case.
Hunting For Chambers
Forensic geologist Scott Wolter heads to rural Pennsylvania to investigate a meticulously crafted stone chamber buried underground in the woods.
Motive For Murder
Details suggest that President Jefferson himself may have had ulterior motives for the Lewis and Clark expedition that have never made it into the history books and may have led to his violent death.
The Desert Cross
Heading to Tucson, Arizona, with his son Grant, Wolter is eager to investigate a mysterious cache of crosses, swords and other relics pulled from the desert in the 1920s.
Tracking The Templars
When Wolter began investigating mysterious artifacts, he noticed a unique symbol which appeared on many of them. The symbol, now known as the 'Hooked X', baffled researchers who couldn't make sense of it.
America's Oldest Secret
Wolter is dead set on proving his theory that suggests the Knights Templar came to America and built the Newport Tower centuries ago.
Hunt For The Holy Grail
What Scott finds in and around a holy well on the property of a rumored Templar Prince will shock even the skeptics in this edge-of-your-seat season finale.