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America The Story Of The Us

America The Story Of The Us

AMERICA THE STORY OF THE US tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented, leading from the frontier to 21st Century cities, from the Mississippi to the moon, from colonial Jamestown to 9/11 up to present day. From the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental roads and railways, to triumphing over vertical space with steel skyscrapers and space travel, the series examines how technology overcame the environment. Utilizing unprecedented CGI, the series shows the metamorphosis of the vast wilderness into villages, villages into towns and towns into the sprawling metropolitan areas that they are today. The series is also a story of conflict: Indian wars, slavery, the revolutionary war that birthed the nation, the civil war that divided it and the great world wars that shaped its future.

From Jamestown to Plymouth, early settlers fight for survival. Tobacco sows the seeds of opportunity in the south, the north becomes a powerhouse of trade, and the American spirit is born.
Washington's army is near defeat, but new weapons and battle tactics turn the tide. Forged through revolution, a new nation is born.
Wagon trains meet danger and hardship on the road to unprecedented riches in California's golden hills. Along the Mississippi, the steamboat ushers in a new era.
Commerce and industry thrives across the new nation as early risks are now reaping rewards. But slavery in the South is an issue that would soon explode.
Civil War
As the Civil War rages, mastery of technology, weapons, railroads and telegrams enables the Union to overcome the Confederates. With Sherman's March, the South is definitively crushed.
The Transcontinental Railroad unites the nation and transforms the heartland. Native American civilizations decline as farmers settle the continent and cowboys emerge as icons.
The society changes as steel brings forth skyscrapers while the Statue of Liberty becomes the symbol of the American Dream to millions of immigrants.
America strikes oil and the boom time begins. Henry Ford brings motorcars to the masses. Intended to cure vice, Prohibition fuels the growth of organized crime in burgeoning cities.
Boom turns to bust when the stock market crash ushers in the Great Depression. Dust storms blanket the Midwest in darkness. But Roosevelt's New Deal promises hope for the future.
The attack on Pearl Harbor brings America into World War. The war effort revitalizes the nation's economy and its technological prowess will make it a superpower.