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1942: The Sook Ching Massacre

1942: The Sook Ching Massacre

1942. In a detention centre in Singapore, Lim Boon Keng, Kang Thiam Huat and Chew Kong stand on the brink of death. These three Singaporean Chinese have joined thousands of others in detention centres across Singapore. The Japanese, having conquered Singapore, are looking for revenge.

A single Japanese official stands between the Japanese authorities and the Chinese community - Mamoru Shinozaki. He is a one man safe house, credited with saving the lives of thousands of Chinese.

This is his story and the stories of those who witnessed the darkest fifteen days in Singapore’s history.

1942: The Sook Ching Massacre
In 1942, Chinese males were systematically exterminated by the Kempeitai all over Singapore. But a single Japanese official was to stand against it.