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1942: Philippine Resistance

1942: Philippine Resistance

The Philippines is an American colony but US forces are swept aside by the Japanese onslaught and General Macarthur is forced to retreat to Australia, leaving the Filippino people at the mercy of the occupiers. He makes his famous promise, “I will return” It’s the bravery and courage of the Filippino people who make that possible.

Thousands of young men, still in their teens, refuse to take occupation lying down. They take to the hills, forming themselves into a guerilla resistance movement. Using machetes, home made radios and their bare hands they sting the Japanese like annoying gnats, causing just enough trouble to keep the Japanese forces tied up in the islands.

Then out of the blue, these young guerillas stage an intelligence coup that will change the outcome of the war in the Pacific, making it possible for Gerneral Macarthur to keep his famous promise.

Using archive, dramatic recreations and first hand interviews with the surviving guerilllas we tell the story of how a handful of ordinary people made an extraordinary difference.

1942: Philippine Resistance
Gen MacArthur famously promised that 'I shall return' before retreating but this was possible only with Filipino guerrillas bravely fighting on.