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1942: Fighting For India

1942: Fighting For India

In India there is one man, Subhas Chandra Bose, who sees this as a golden opportunity – to use the weakened state of the British at war, to finally oust them from his homeland, India. His story is well known. But what is less well known is the story of the women who followed him.

The story of the one thousand Indian women of South East Asia who are brought together in one of the modern world’s first female combat units. The Rani of Jhansi Regiment; Young, idealistic, fresh from the harsh conditions of Malaya’s rubber plantations, they leap at the opportunity to help win freedom for India.

Fully armed and trained for combat roles, they proudly march alongside the men of the Indian National Army to attack the British where they least expect it – across the border of Burma and India.

This is the story of their journey and their battles, their courage and their fears, told by five of the survivors of that extraordinary regiment.

1942: Fighting For India
With the British in a weakened state of war, idealistic young women from Malaya's rubber plantations joined Chandra Bose in the fight for India's independence.